It helps to have two liquid tubes, in case you break one but still want to access your beer. Cut the liquid line with a pair of sharp scissors.
Insert the barbed connectors into the cut ends of the tubes and secure with hose clamps.
Thread the flow meter into the connectors (don't forget the teflon tape)-- now the liquid will go through the flow meter!
Cut off the flow meter's connector, strip the three wires inside, and solder on a long extension for each wire, enough to go from your keg tube, outside the keg, to the output display. We made ours about four feet long.

To connect each wire, tin the stripped ends, then position the two wire ends together and remelt the solder. Slide on pieces of heat shrink tubing to insulate the solder joints.
Run the extension wires out the back of the fridge so they can be hooked up to the RasPi/Arduino/system of your choice.

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