The KB2040 microcontroller ships running a NeoPixel rainbow swirl example. It's lovely, but you probably had other plans for the board. As you start working with your board, you may want to return to the original code to begin again, or you may find your board gets into a bad state. Either way, this page has you covered.

Completing a factory reset will erase your board's firmware which is also used for storing CircuitPython/Arduino/Files! Be sure to back up your data first.

Step 1. Download the factory-reset.uf2 file

Save the following file wherever is convenient for you. You will need to access it to copy it to your board.

Step 2. Enter RP2040 bootloader mode

Entering the RP2040 bootloader is easy. Complete the following steps.

Before you start, make sure your microcontroller is plugged into USB port to your computer using a data/sync cable. Charge-only cables will not work!

To enter the bootloader:

  1. Press and hold the BOOT button down. Don't let go of it yet!
  2. Press and release the Reset button. You should still have the BOOT button pressed while you do this.
  3. Continue holding the BOOT button until you see the RPI-RP2 drive appear.
  4. You can now release but BOOT button.

Step 3. Drag UF2 file to RPI-RP2

Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the factory-reset.uf2 file from Step 1.

Drag the factory-reset.uf2 file to the RPI-RP2 drive.

The RPI-RP2 drive will disappear.

The board will automatically reboot.

The NeoPixel LED on the KB2040 will light up in a rainbow swirl.

You've successfully returned your board to a factory reset state!

Flash Resetting UF2

If your board ever gets into a really weird state and doesn't even show up when loading code, try loading this 'nuke' UF2 which will do a 'deep clean' on your Flash Memory. You will lose all the files on the board, but at least you'll be able to revive it! Download the file below, and follow the instructions in Step 2 and Step 3 above to load this UF2. Then, start again at Step 1 to return your board to factory reset state.

This guide was first published on Dec 03, 2021. It was last updated on Jul 17, 2024.

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