HTTP Status Codes

HTTP 200: OK
Standard response, everything is OK. The response body will include the data, if applicable.
HTTP 400: Bad Request

There was a problem understanding the request sent to the service.  In most cases this means the code that generated the request has a bug and generated a malformed HTTP request.  For example a common problem is if the length of the request doesn't match the Content-Length header sent to the service.

HTTP 401: Unauthorized
The API Key is invalid. The response body will indicate the error condition.
HTTP 404: Unauthorized

There was a problem locating the resource you requested. Either check the spelling of the key or id given, or it's possible the resource no longer exists.

HTTP 503: Unavailable
It's possible you've bumped up against the API limits, and have been throttled. Try again in a short while.
Last updated on Jul 27, 2015 Published on Jan 22, 2015