This guide assumes you've completed the setup required to get your ESP8266 up and running with Arduino IDE and Adafruit IO. 

  • If you haven't yet set up your ESP8266 for use with Adafruit IO and the Arduino IDE, follow along with this guide. The setup only needs to be performed once.

Next, we'll need to install the Adafruit Si7021 library. In the Arduino Library Manager's search-bar, type 
Adafruit Si7021 to search for the library. Click Install. 

We'll need a library to control the NeoPixels. In the search bar, enter Adafruit NeoPixel. Click Install.

Opening the Code

The code for this guide is stored within the latest Adafruit IO Arduino Library release (versions =>2.7.17). From the Arduino IDE, navigate to File->Examples->Adafruit IO Arduino -> io_home_series -> neopixel_and_thermometer.

The IDE should open the sketch (neopixel_and_thermometer.ino) and the configuration file (config.h):

You should now have all the libraries and code required for the IO Home set up. Let's move on to configuring the sketch with your wireless network and Adafruit IO credentials. 

This guide was first published on Aug 27, 2018. It was last updated on Jun 17, 2024.

This page (Arduino Setup) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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