Now that you have the required software installed, you can start the server so it will listen to your Adafruit IO feed for new GIF URLs. Run the following command to start the server.

aio_gif start

If everything works as expected, your display will be filled with the animated GIF you set during the Adafruit IO setup.


If your GIF didn't display, but a GIF of ladyada did, we know that there must be a configuration problem with the AIO setup. Make sure you have the correct values in /etc/adafruit-io-gif/server.conf. To view and edit the values, run the following command.

sudo nano /etc/adafruit-io-gif/server.conf

Confirm that the feed and key values match up exactly as you see them on Adafruit IO. The HTTP_PORT and DISPLAY values are for the local setup. Close and save the file when you are finished editing. If the AIO key and feed values are correct, then you should try to enter a new GIF URL in the text block on Adafruit IO. The server only accepts URLs that end in gif, png or jpg.

If you didn't see an image at all when starting the server, then you might need to edit the DISPLAY variable in /etc/adafruit-io-gif/server.conf to point to the address of the X display you wish to use. If you have another service using port 8080, then you might also have to change the HTTP_PORT to another value like 8888.

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