Adafruit IO FAQ

Encountering an issue with your Adafruit IO Arduino Project?

If you're having an issue compiling, connecting, or troubleshooting your project, check this page first.

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Compiling my sketch returns an error:

error: return-statement with a value, in function returning 'void' [-fpermissive]
virtual void flush() { return iClient->flush(); };

Firmware Beta 2.5.0 for the ESP8266 breaks compatibility with ArduinoHttpClient(which is used by Adafruit IO). The Adafruit IO Arduino library is currently unsupported by this beta firmware. To get it working, we'll downgrade the firmware on the ESP8266 to a stable version.

Launch the Board Manager from Arduino by navigating to Tools -> Boards -> Board Manager. Type ESP8266 into the search bar. From the dropdown, select version 2.4.2

Clicking install will uninstall the 2.5.0-beta and install a stable firmware version.

I encounter the following error when compiling my sketch:

  fatal error: Adafruit_MQTT.h: No such file or directory, #include "Adafruit_MQTT.h"

The Adafruit IO Arduino library is dependent on our Adafruit IO MQTT Library.

To resolve this error, from the Arduino IDE, navigate to the Manage Libraries... option in the Sketch -> Include Library menu.

To resolve this error, from the Arduino IDE, navigate to the Manage Libraries... option in the Sketch -> Include Library menu.

My Serial Monitor prints "..." endlessly after the "Connecting to Adafruit IO" message

Your board is not connecting to Adafruit IO, but why? Let's find out:

First, check in config.h that you have the correct IO_USERNAMEIO_KEYWIFI_SSID, and WIFI_PASS are set correctly. 

Next, we're going to modify the while loop which waits for an IO connection in your sketch. Change the line in the status check loop from Serial.println(.);to Serial.println(io.statusText());

// wait for a connection
while(io.status() < AIO_CONNECTED) {

Verify and re-upload the sketch. If you're receiving a Network disconnected error message, the board is not able to talk to the internet. Re-check your hardware, connections, and router settings. 

If it's still not showing Adafruit IO connected, check the IO status on the Adafruit Status page to make sure the service is online.

My data isn't displaying, is Adafruit IO's {service/MQTT/API} down?

Possibly - you can check IO status on the Adafruit Status page

Is my data being sent properly? Am I sending too much data?

There's a monitor page built-into Adafruit IO which provides a live view of incoming data and error messages. Keep this page open while you send data to your Adafruit IO devices to monitor data and errors. 

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