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Adding a Schedule Trigger

Log into Adafruit IO and navigate to the Adafruit IO Triggers page.

Click Actions -> Create a New Trigger.

A modal should appear, giving you the option of selecting a Reactive Trigger or a Schedule Trigger. 

Click Schedule Trigger.

A schedule trigger can be activated based on specific times and dates such as “Tuesdays at 9pm” or “At 2:00 PM, only on Friday”, or “Every 4 hours”.

Let's turn the lights on every weekday morning at 8:00 AM to wake us up!

Set the time period to Daily and click Every week day.

Then, set the start time to 08:00 or whenever you normally wake up.

The CircuitPython or Arduino code will turn the outlet on depending on the feed's value at this time. Let's publish the value morning to the relay feed.

Set Then to publish a message to:

Select the relay feed

Enter morning as the value to be sent to the feed.

and Click Create

Let's turn off the lights after 11PM. To do this, you'll need to create another trigger.

Select Daily as the time period. 

Select Every week day

Set the Start time to 23:00

Then, configure the trigger to publish a message to the relay feed with the value night

Before moving on, make sure your triggers page lists both the 8:00AM trigger and 11:00PM trigger.

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