By default, dashboards on Adafruit IO are set to private. This makes the dashboard visible to only you. You'll be the only person able to view, edit, and modify both the dashboard and the values of the feeds.

But what if you'd like to share the dashboard showing your apartment's data with your roommates? 

You'll want to make your dashboard public.

Making your Dashboard Public

Unlike the process of sharing a feed, Adafruit IO does not have the ability to selectively-allow certain Adafruit IO accounts from viewing your Dashboard. 

This means that when you publicize your dashboard, you are publicizing it to everybody with both the link and an Adafruit IO account. When sharing a dashboard with others, be careful of whom you share the link with.

To make the dashboard public, click the lock icon on the top right of the dashboard page. 

Doing this will bring up an alert saying that by making a dashboard public, it will make all feeds connected to it public as well

Click OK to publicize the dashboard.

Viewing Public Dashboards

When someone views the dashboard (dashboard URLs look like without an Adafruit IO Account, the dashboard will not display streaming data, it'll display the values of the public feeds on the dashboard at the time of accessing the page. Clicking any or input blocks (such as buttons or sliders) on the dashboard will not update the public feeds.

To view updated data points, either refresh the page, or have your friend register for a free Adafruit IO account.

If the person you shared it with is viewing the Dashboard with an Adafruit IO account, they'll have full access to view the live streaming data from feeds on the dashboard. What you see - they see. 

Though, there are some limitations. If you are viewing someone else's dashboard, you're not able to modify it by moving blocks around, resizing blocks, or adding to the blocks on the page. The blocks (and the dashboard layout) are static and belong to the person who created the dashboard. 

If you've shared a few dashboards or feeds and would like to keep track of them - You can check what's viewable from visiting Your Shared Data page on Adafruit IO.

From here, you'll be able to see all the data which you've chosen to make public - like your feeds, and dashboards.

If you'd like to restrict a specific piece of data to individual people only, you might want to share a feed instead of a dashboard.

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