Install CircuitPython

Some CircuitPython compatible boards come with CircuitPython installed. Others are CircuitPython-ready, but need to have it installed. As well, you may want to update the version of CircuitPython already installed on your board. The steps are the same for installing and updating. 

CircuitPython Library Installation

First make sure you are running the latest version of Adafruit CircuitPython for your board.

Next you'll need to install the necessary libraries to use the hardware--carefully follow the steps to find and install these libraries from Adafruit's CircuitPython library bundle matching your version of CircuitPython. 

CircuitPython hardware shows up on your computer operating system as a flash drive when connected via usb. The flash drive is called CIRCUITPY and contains a number of files. You will need to add additional files to enable the features of this project.

First, create a folder on the drive named lib if it is not already there.

Ensure your board's lib folder has the following files and folders copied over. The version of the files must be the same major version as your version of CircuitPython (i.e. 4.x for 4.x, 5.x for 5.x, etc.)

  • adafruit_bus_device
  • adafruit_minimqtt
  • adafruit_logging.mpy
  • adafruit_esp32spi
  • adafruit_requests.mpy
  • adafruit_io
  • neopixel.mpy

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