if you have a Raspberry Pi and you want higher quality audio than the headphone jack can provide, I2S is a good option! You only use 3 pins, and since its a pure-digital output, there can be less noise and interference.

This board works very well with boards that don't have audio like the Pi Zero and is the easiest way to get quality audio out

This technique will work with any Raspberry Pi with the 2x20 connector. Older Pi 1's with a 2x13 connector do not bring out the I2S pins as easily


  • Amp Vin to Raspbery Pi 3V or 5V
  • Amp GND to Raspbery Pi GND
  • Amp DIN to Raspbery Pi #21
  • Amp BCLK to Raspbery Pi #18
  • Amp LRCLK to Raspbery Pi #19

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