Note that if you touch the back while using this board, you might add some conductivity to it, which can make it think you've pressed the button.

Power Pins

  • VIN - This is the power pin. Since the chip uses 3 VDC, we have included a voltage regulator on board that will take 3-5VDC and safely convert it down. To power the board, give it the same power as the logic level of your microcontroller - e.g. for a 5V microcontroller like Arduino, use 5V.
  • 3Vo - This is the 3.3V output from the voltage regulator. You can grab up to 100mA from this if you like.
  • GND - This is the common ground for power and logic.
If you notice any unusual behavior, especially with multiple encoders, consider hard-wiring a power supply to VIN and GND on the encoder.

I2C Logic Pins

The default I2C address is 0x36.

  • SCL - This is the I2C clock pin. Connect to your microcontroller I2C clock line. This pin is level shifted so you can use 3-5V logic, and there's a 10K pullup on this pin.
  • SDA - This is the I2C data pin. Connect to your microcontroller I2C data line. This pin is level shifted so you can use 3-5V logic, and there's a 10K pullup on this pin.
  • STEMMA QT - These connectors allow you to connect to development boards with STEMMA QT connectors or to other things with various associated accessories.

Other Pins

  • INT - This is the interrupt pin. There is a red INT LED on the back of the board that, if this pin is configured, blinks when the interrupt fires.

Address Jumpers

  • A0/A1/A2 - Using the three onboard address jumpers, you can connect up to 8 of these rotary encoders on a single I2C port. The first one will be at address 0x36, the last one at 0x3D when all three jumpers are soldered closed.

NeoPixel LED

  • Onboard NeoPixel LED - This RGB LED is controlled over I2C using the seesaw library for additional visual feedback or keep it off if you like. It is connected to seesaw pin 6.

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