The Hat comes with the GPS assembled onto the HAT circuit board. There's also a 2x20 GPIO header. Some light soldering is required to attach the 2x20 GPIO header to the HAT, but it's fast and easy for anyone with a soldering iron and solder. You can also swap the plain female header we provide with a 'stacky' type that lets you plug in a hat or GPIO cable on top, or you can use a slim ultra-low-profile header.

You'll also want to add a 12mm CR1220 coin cell as a backup for the GPS.  This will allow the GPS to acquire satellites faster on startup, and it will preserve your settings if the Hat is disconnected from power. It will also let you use the real-time-clock capability of the GPS HAT. To make air-shipping eaiser, the HAT does not come with a coin battery! You can pick one up locally or order one from us.

Solder the 2x20 header into the matching 2x20 rows of holes on the Hat, then plug the Hat into your Pi.  That's it! You're ready to go - no preliminary software or hardware setup necessary!

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