Power Pads

  • 3.3V: This is the power supply for the module, supply with 3.3V power supply input. You can dip down to maybe 2.7V and up to 3.6V or so, but regulated 3.3V is ideal
  • GND: The common/GND pad for power and logic

Data Pads

  • TX - This is the UART Transmit pin out of the breakout (Bluefruit LE --> Flora RX), it's at 3.3V logic level.
  • RX - This is the UART Receive pin into the breakout (Flora TX --> Bluefruit LE) it requires 3.3V logic level.

These 4 pads are in perfect order to connect directly to your Flora!

Other Pads

  • MODE: Mode Selection. The Bluefruit has two modes, Command and Data. You can keep this pin disconnected, and use the slide switch to select the mode. Or, you can control the mode by setting this pin voltage, it will override the switch setting!  High = Command Mode, Low = UART/DATA mode. This pin requires 3.3V logic

Reverse Side

On the back we also have a few breakouts!

Opt. 32 KHz: If you're doing some funky low power work, we wanted to give you the option of solderin in a 32khz oscillator. Our firmware doesn't support it yet but its there!

SWDCLK: This is the SWD clock pin, 3v logic - for advanced hackers!

SWDIO: This is the SWD data pin, 3v logic - for advanced hackers!

F.RST: This is the factory reset pin. When all else fails and you did something to really weird out your module, tie this pad to ground while powering up the module and it will factory reset. You should try the DFU reset method first tho (see that tutorial page)

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