Angled shot of a black rectangular microcontroller with GPIO header.
Relive the days when storage was counted out in kilo-bytes not giga-bytes, using the Adafruit Floppy FeatherWing on a Feather board - perfect for interfacing...
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Angled shot of rainbow-colored 34-pin IDC ribbon cable.
Often used for floppy drives, 34 pin IDC cables have a 2x17 array of pins. This cable will let you connect one port...
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4-pin AT/ATX/IDE power cable
For big projects, with big power needs, an AT or ATX power supply is a handy place to grab 5V or 12VDC. Only problem is that these supplies have connectors that only plug into...
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Angled shot of black rectangular microcontroller "Feather RP2040"
A new chip means a new Feather, and the Raspberry Pi RP2040 is no exception. When we saw this chip we thought "this chip is going to be awesome when we give it the Feather...
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Double prototyping feather wing PCB with socket headers installed
This is the FeatherWing Doubler - a prototyping add-on and more for all Feather boards. This is similar to our
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