Our most popular Wings are the simplest. These are perfect when you want to do something custom, taking it beyond just a Feather+Wing combo!

All of these Wings are compatible with all Feathers. Because they don't contain any active circuitry, they can also be used with any Wings

Proto Wing

A Feather board without ambition is a Feather board without FeatherWings!This is the FeatherWing Proto - a prototyping add-on for all Feather boards. Using our...
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Nice and simple, you get a 0.1" prototyping area and a breakout for each pin of your Feather. Add any chips or sensors you like! There's a bunch extra 3V and GND pins in a row as well.

Terminal Block Proto Wing

The Terminal Block Breakout FeatherWing kit is like the Golden Eagle of prototyping FeatherWings (eg. majestic, powerful, good-looking). To start, you get a nice prototyping area...
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This is like a super hard-core version of the proto wing. Not only do you get the same exact prototyping area as the proto wing, but you also get terminal block breakouts for all of the pins, and there's an on-off switch that will turn off the Feather with a flick.

And, it comes fully assembled! No soldering is required, so you can wire up your project super fast.

Doubler and Tripler

This is the FeatherWing Doubler - a prototyping add-on and more for all Feather boards. This is similar to our
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This is the FeatherWing Tripler - a prototyping add-on and more for all Feather boards. This is similar to our
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If you don't want to stack 'up' you can stack side-by-side. These two wings give you all that prototyping area you could possibly need, and 'duplicate' pinouts for two or three Feather boards. With the doubler you can have a Feather and Wing. With the tripler, you can have a Feather and two wings. Of course, you can also use stacking headers to grow up too, for lots of possibilities.

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