Giving your Feather a Wing lets it fly!

The best part about the Feather system is all the wings you can add on.

Start with a WiFi feather and add an TFT for a WiFi Weather display.

Or, take a LoRa feather and add an OLED display to make a Remote Control Effects Box for theatrical control

Pick and choose - you can even add multiple wings, short for FeatherWings, (as long as there are no pin or I2C address conflicts). We tried to use I2C for as many Wings as possible, so you can make fairly advanced projects just by plugging boards together.


Here are some accessories you may find handy as you add Wings to your Feather

Check the list on the left navbar, or just keep going through the guide, to see the wide variety of Wings we have for you

Stacking Headers

Angled shot of a Stacking Headers for Feather - 12-pin and 16-pin female headers.
These two Female Stacking Headers alone are, well, lonely. But pair them with any of our Feather boards and...
In Stock

You can either stack Feathers by soldering stackable headers onto the Feather and Wings, or you can have them side by side in a Multiplier Wing. Check the Proto/Multiplier wing page for more details

Female Headers

Angled shot of a Header Kit for Feather - 12-pin and 16-pin Female Header Set.
These two Female Headers alone are, well, lonely. But pair them with any of our 
In Stock

If you don't need to use your Feather in a breadboard, you can use these plain female headers along with plain male headers, to create a cute sandwich. Great for wearable or enclosed projects!

Shorty Headers

Angled shot of two stacking headers.
These two Short Female Headers alone are, well, lonely. But pair them with any of our 
In Stock
Angled shot of a Short Feather Male Headers - 12-pin and 16-pin Male Header Set.
These two Short Male Headers alone are, well, lonely. But pair them with any of our 
In Stock

If you want to make a very compact package of two Feathers, you can use short headers. These are good for when you need the very slimmest setup.

Just remember to pick these up before you start soldering stacking or 'standard' headers on!

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