I'm having a lot of problems with my Feather FONA - data garbled, bad responses. It doesn't work!

Do you have a battery connected? A 500mAh or larger battery is required to use the FONA! Even if it is powered directly from USB

When I get an incoming call the Feather FONA 'resets' !

Wer're not sure why this is but it has something to do with the default audio being set to 'Headset'. You can fix this easily by calling


during init, or sending the fona the direct command AT+CHFA=1

You may also want to set the audio volume to 0 if you're not using audio output. We think it's the ringtone signal coupling in and resetting the SIM card?

My Feather FONA resets during use!

There's a few things that seem to be causing Feather FONAs to sponaneously reset.

  1. Battery charge is too low, and the FONA tries to talk on the network, which draws 1A from the battery, which drops the power supply voltage and the main chip resets. 500mAh is minimal, 1200mAh is better for battery sizing. Keep it charged, it acts as the main power source for the cell module
  2. Antenna is too close to the Feather. The antenna is a radiator of massive amounts of RF keep its as far away as possible from the Feather itself. If you have an antenna attached put it so it sticks out and away from the Feather and definitely as far as possible from the processor chip!
  3. The above incoming call reset issue, which is unclear why its happening - but easy to fix

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