Adafruit's most recent display breakouts have come with a new feature: an 18-pin "EYE SPI" standard FPC connector with flip-top connector. This is intended to be a sort-of "STEMMA QT for displays" - a way to quickly connect and extend display wiring that uses a lot of SPI pins. In this case, we need a lot of SPI pins, and we want to be able to use long distances, so the answer is an 18-pin 0.5mm pitch FPC connector.

Now you can connect to the displays, but what goes on the other side of the FPC? Here is one possibility - a simple breakout board that brings all the GPIO to 0.1" spaced header, for breadboarding use. Each pin usage is labeled, and for most display purposes, you only need the left half of the display for power and SPI connectivity.

Don't forget: you'll also want an 18-pin EYESPI FPC cable.

This guide was first published on Dec 14, 2022. It was last updated on Apr 18, 2024.

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