You've installed WipperSnapper firmware on your board and connected it to Adafruit IO. Next, let's learn how to use Adafruit IO!

The Adafruit IO supports a large number of components. Components are physical parts such as buttons, switches, sensors, servos, LEDs, RGB LEDs, and more. 

The following pages will get you up and running with WipperSnapper as you interact with your board's LED, read the value of a push button, send the value of an I2C sensor to the internet, and wirelessly control colorful LEDs.


The following parts are required to complete the WipperSnapper essentials pages for this board:

Video of a white hand turning the knob on a STEMMA Wired Potentiometer Breakout Board connect to a breadboard. Color changes when the knob is twisted.
For the easiest way possible to measure twists, turn to this STEMMA potentiometer breakout (ha!). This plug-n-play pot comes with a JST-PH 2mm connector and a matching  
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