Not only can you draw shapes but you can also load images from the SD card, perfect for static images!

The 2.9" Grayscale display can show a max of 296x128 pixels. Lets use these three bitmaps for our demo:

Rename the files to panda_head.bmp, adabot_head.bmp, and 29gray4.bmp and place them into the base directory of a microSD card and insert it into the microSD socket in the breakout.

Plug the MicroSD card into the display. You may want to try the SD library examples before continuing, especially one that lists all the files on the SD card

Open the file->examples->Adafruit_ImageReader->EInkGray29BmpButtonDemo example

Upload to your board and press the buttons on top. You should see a different image appear for each button.

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