You may need a board with more memory such as the Feather M4 or Metro M4 to handle the memory requirements of drawing a bitmap.

Not only can you draw shapes but you can also load images from the SD card, perfect for static images!

The 1.54" display can show a max of 152x152 pixels. Lets use this Blinka bitmap as our demo:

For the 2.13" display, use this image instead

Rename the file blinka.bmp and place into the base directory of a microSD card and insert it into the microSD socket in the breakout. 

One extra wire is required, for SDCS which is the SD card Chip Select. We'll connect that to pin #4 but you can use any pin.

Plug the MicroSD card into the display. You may want to try the SD library examples before continuing, especially one that lists all the files on the SD card

Open the file→examples→Adafruit_ImageReader→EInkBreakouts example

Upload to the upload & you will see Blinka appear!

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