The DPI Kippah has a backlight booster that can support any 40pin TFT display we carry. However, since backlights do vary from display to display, you may need to configure the backlight to match your display. Here's the constant-current draws of our displays

  • 4.3" 480x272 - 1 strand of 7 LEDs in series, 25mA constant current
  • 5.0" 800x480 - 2 strands  6 LEDs in series, 50mA constant current
  • 7.0" 800x480 - 6 strands of 3 LEDs in series, 150mA constant current (although 100-150mA can be used)

By default, we ship the DPI Kippot with 25mA backlight. You'll still be able to see the display on a 5" or 7" display, but it will be dim! That's OK, all you have to do is configure the Kippah to match your display.

Since we dont know what display you're going to use, we leave this up to you. It's easy to do, just grab your soldering iron and heat it up, then grab some solder and melt it to short out the jumpers on the Kippah here:

The left and middle jumper each add 25mA to the default 25mA. The right jumper adds 50mA. So if you want to have a 50mA backlight, short only the left jumper. For 75mA, short the right most. For 100mA solder short the left and right and for 125mA short all three!

This guide was first published on Apr 10, 2015. It was last updated on Apr 03, 2024.

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