The frame is made up of five 20mmx40mm double slotted aluminum extrusions and four 20mmx20mm single slotted aluminum extrusions.

All 5 double slotted extrusions need to be cut into 20.75" lengths. These will hold each row on top of eachother.

2 of the 4 single slotted extrusions also need to be cut into 20.75" lengths. These will hold the very top and bottom of the panels together. The other two remain uncut and act as a side brace/stand.

Mark the aluminum extrusions at 20.75" lengths and cut with a fine toothed hacksaw
Orient the oval T-nuts horizontally and carefully slide them into the 20.75" double slotted extrusions, connecting the panels on top of one another. It should be tight, but if it won't slide any further, loosen up the screw a bit. Repeat this 4 more times. At the very top and bottom of the full wall, slide the 20.75" cut single extrusions to keep them even.

At this point the panels will have plenty of horizontal support, but need to be braced vertically. Now orient the outer oval T-nuts vertically and slide the 2 uncut single extrusions so that they line up with the top-most horizontal extrusion. They'll stick out a bit at the bottom.
To secure the frame together, use 4 double corner braces, one in each corner. Drop 2 slim T-nuts into the extrusion's slot, lining them up with the corner braces holes. If the nuts need to repositioned underneath the brace, use the allen key to nudge them into place.

Keep in mind for the top corners to not block the IDC connectors. Place them on the second to last extrusion from the top.

Place an end cap on the top and bottom of both single slotted extrusions to prevent it from sliding around.

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