Your Crickit contains a special interface chip we call seesaw. Like a see-saw you see in a playground, it goes up/down back/forth. In this case, instead of holding children, it sends commands and responses back and forth - motor movement, sensors inputs, signal i/o...

The seesaw code is contained in a microcontroller near the bottom of the Crickit, and that chip comes with the seesaw firmware on it already when  you get it!

But we do make improvements to the seesaw firmware, fix bugs, and improve performance

So its a good idea to update your Crickit when you get it! It's easy and only takes a few seconds.

It is suggested you have the Crickit powered by the power jack to a transformer and not batteries to ensure there is not a power issue during firmware update.

Step 1. Plug in USB cable into seesaw/Crickit

There's a little USB connector at the bottom of your Crickit labeled seesaw only! Plug a standard data-sync USB cable into that port and into your computer. You do not need to plug in the DC power jack or power the Feather/CircuitPlayground.

Do check that the switch on the Crickit is switched to ON

Step 2. Double-click the Crickit Reset button

On the Crickit for CPX, Feather or Micro:bit, this button is next to the DC jack and is pretty large.


On the Raspberry Pi, its more compact, and is right below the status NeoPixel

Step 3. Look for pulsing yellow LED and green NeoPixel

If you have a good USB connection and you double-click right, you'll see the left LED turn green and the right hand little yellow LED start pulsing

Step 4. Look for a New Disk on Your Computer

You'll see a new disk drive on your computer called CRICKITBOOT (short for crickit bootloader)

Step 5. Download the latest firmware

Click here to go to the download page for the latest Crickit firmware releases.

Download the correct file for your specific hardware:

  • Crickit HAT (Raspberry Pi) = seesaw-crickitHat.uf2
  • All others = seesaw-crickit.uf2

Step 6. Drag UF2 file onto CRICKITBOOT

Drag that file you downloaded onto the disk drive, after it is completed the drive will disappear (you may get a complaint from the operating system)



That's it! You're now updated

This guide was first published on May 16, 2018. It was last updated on Feb 29, 2024.

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