Your Crickit is well tested but there's things that can trip you up! Here's a few common issues we see

My Crickit Is Doing Something Wrong

We do have bugs once in a while, so please always try updating to the latest Crickit seesaw firmware - then see if the bug persists

My Crickit Motors Aren't Moving!

My Crickit Keeps Resetting, It Works For a Bit... Then Fails!

Check the power supply. There's a few ways to know that power is good:

  1. Check the "Happy Face" green LED below the power switch, it should stay lit!
  2. Check the "Warning Symbol" red LED below the power switch, it should be off

If you have updated the Crickit seesaw firmware (see above) we have added NeoPixel feedback, the LED will be green when power is good and blink red when power is bad!

HELP! My Crickit isn't working in MakeCode, and in Python I see a message "No I2C Device at Address: 49"

A super common issue we see is people using the Crickit with Circuit Playground Express (CPX) and the bolts/screws have come loose! Those bolts aren't just mechanical, they pass signals back and forth between the CPX and the Crickit!

If you're having issue, first thing to check is that those screws are tightly attached!

Another common issue we see is not having good power to the Crickit. Check that you have fresh batteries or a good 5V power supply. Also check the Crickit is on! There's an on/off switch next to the power jack

Python: No Pullups found on SDL and SCL

This most often indicated the Crickit is not powered.

If you're running Crickit on battery power, you need fresh batteries.

If you use the wall power brick to provide power, ensure it is plugged in and the power switch is on.

If batteries aren't an issue, try clicking reset on the Crickit board to kick it back into running

micro:bit Crickit does not work

Be sure the micro:bit LED matrix faces towards the Crickit Seesaw chip and USB firmware update plug and the micro:bit reset button faces the Crickit black power jack. If you plug the micro:bit in backwards, it won't control things properly. Unplug the micro:bit, make sure the 5x5 grid of LEDs faces the Crickit printing that says "micro:bit LED grid faces this way" and you should be set.

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