The Drives block on Crickit makes it super easy to connect higher current devices.


At left shows the Circuit Playground Express and Crickit combination connected to several devices.

The Crickit for micro:bit is just as versatile.


Note the micro:bit is not shown at left, it would have to be plugged into the Crickit.

The Drive output of your Crickit is perfect for 5V-powered solenoids, relays, vibration motors or high powered LEDs. You can drive up to 500mA per output, and 4 outputs available.

Note that the 'positive' side of the electronic part you're driving has to connect to 5V not Ground. You can just double/triple/quadruple wires into the same 5V terminal block.

Each Drive output is a PWM output, that means you can change the amount of current or speed of whatever is connected.

Select which Drive pin you want to control with the pull down, Drive 1 through 4 are labeled on the Crickit

Then you can set the value from 0 (drive off) to 1023 (drive all the way on). If you want to dim an LED or run a vibration motor at half power, use 512. For quarter power, use 256!

Remember you get 4 drive pins, so you can control them independently

Changing the Drive Analog/PWM Frequency

You can set the analog frequency in an On Start block. We recommend 1000 Hz (1 KHz) its a good standard number. Advanced makers can tweak this!

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