The Adafruit_TCS34725 Library includes a processing sketch to communicate with the ColorView Arduino sketch and display color on your computer screen in real time
The Processing Sketch only works with Processing 1.5.1. It is not compatible with Processing version 2.0!

Load ColorView on the Arduino

Open the ColorView example sketch and upload it to your Arduino.

Make note of the serial port used by your Arduino.

Load ColorView.pde in Processing

Navigate to the "Processing" folder inside the Adafruit_TCS34725 Library folder and open "ColorView.pde".

Edit the Serial Port

Find the line where the Serial port is opened and edit it to use the same port as your Arduino.

And Run!

When you run the processing sketch, it will display the sensor text output and pop up a window with a color patch matching the color seen by your sensor.

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