To read and manage all the sensors on your CLUE board, we will need libraries to control each and every one of them.

Use the library manager to install them.

Adafruit Sensor Lab

This library generalizes sensor reading for you so you can search for and use various sensors without knowing the specifics - great for starting out with sensor readings in Arduino IDE

If you use Arduino 1.8.10 or later, the IDE will automagically install all the libraries you need to run all the sensor lab demos when you install Sensor Lab. We strongly recommend using the latest IDE so you don't miss one of the libraries!

If you aren't running Arduino IDE 1.8.10 or later, you'll need to install all of the following!

Search for and install the following:

Adafruit Unified Sensor

Adafruit ADXL343

Adafruit APDS9660

Adafruit BMP280

Adafruit BME280

Adafruit DPS310

Adafruit LIS2MDL

Adafruit LIS3MDL

Adafruit LSM6DS

Adafruit MSA301

Adafruit SHT31

Adafruit AHRS & Adafruit Sensor Calibration

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