I2CBase serves as a common superclass for I2C device classes.  Subclasses inherit the InitI2CAsync method and the I2CSpeed enumeration type.

InitI2CAsync must be called before any other I2C methods are called.


Sets the I2C clock speed. The speed can be set to either 100kHz (standard mode) or 400kHz (fast mode).

public enum I2CSpeed { I2C_100kHz, I2C_400kHz };


The InitI2CAsync is an asynchronous method that creates and initializes a Windows Core IoT I2C device object. It takes a single optional argument of type I2CSpeed. Default is standard mode (100kHz).

public async Task InitI2CAsync(I2CSpeed i2cSpeed = I2CSpeed.I2C_100kHz)

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