The Adafruit CircuitPython Wii Classic Controller library will let you connect a Wii Classic compatible controller to an Adafruit Wii Nunchuck Breakout Adapter over STEMMA QT I2C to read incoming inputs from the controller. This means you could use these controllers in your next CircuitPython project to drive your robot, control your synth or run your NeoPixel light show.

You can use this CircuitPython driver with gamepads that have the notched plug connector. In addition to the original Wii Classic Controller, these include the NES and SNES-style controllers that were released with the mini classic edition systems. All of these controllers use the same I2C address (0x52) and button mappings. For example, pressing the A button on the Wii Classic controller or the SNES Classic controller will both be recognized by the driver as an A button input.

Hand holding a Wiichuck controller pressing buttons. The controller is connected to the breakout wired to a Feather with OLED showing the streaming controller data
Dig out that old Wii controller and use it as a sleek controller for your next robot if you like. The Adafruit Adafruit Wii Nunchuck Breakout Adapter fits snugly into the Wii connector...
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Community Bundle Library

There is a library in the CircuitPython Community Bundle, the CircuitPython_WiiChuck library, that has drivers for a variety of additional Wii Remote accessories. Check it out if you're experimenting with some of the quirkier hardware that was released during the Wii console's reign.

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