CircuitPython Quick Install

Set up CircuitPython Quick Start!

Follow this quick step-by-step for super-fast Python power :)

Click the link above to download the latest UF2 file


Download and save it to your Desktop (or wherever is handy)

Plug your Circuit Playground Express into your computer using a known-good USB cable

A lot of people end up using charge-only USB cables and it is very frustrating! So make sure you have a USB cable you know is good for data sync

Double-click the small Reset button in the middle of the CPX, you will see all of the LEDs turn green. If they turn all red, check the USB cable, try another USB port, etc.

(If double-clicking doesn't do it, try a single-click!)

You will see a new disk drive appear called CPLAYBOOT


Drag the adafruit-circuitpython-etc...uf2 file onto it

The CPLAYBOOT drive will disappear and a new disk drive will appear called CIRCUITPY

That's it! You're done :)

If you need more details, see the next pages for a longer guide on installing CircuitPython!

Install Adafruit Library Bundle Quick Start

You'll also want to grab our library bundle which has a bunch of sensors, LEDs, and more that you can use within CircuitPython. The Express board has a ton of space, so its easy to just install the whole thing

Click the button above or visit to find the latest bundle, download the latest release zip file. It will be called

(You want version 2 or greater)

Unzip the lib folder and drag it onto the CIRCUITPY drive. It may take a minute.

That's it! You're done installing libraries

If you need more details, see the next pages for a longer guide on installing Libraries!
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