The CharliePlex LED Matrix Bonnet includes the IS31FL3731 driver chip and 128 LEDs in an 8x16 matrix. Let's take a look!

The main pins used by the Bonnet are 5V, GND, SDA and SCL on the Raspberry Pi. We power the LEDs from the 5V supply, but the SDA/SCL logic level is still only 3.3V so it's safe!

IS31FL3731 Driver Chip

The IS31FL3731 drives the LED matrix via I2C.

8 x 16 LED Matrix

The 8 x 16 LED matrix on the CharliePlex Bonnet provides 128 LEDs.

Address Jumper

The default I2C address for the Bonnet is 0x74. Solder this jumper closed to change it to 0x70 to avoid I2C address conflicts, if needed.

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