The Bonsai Buckaroo is designed to add a speaker, motor terminal, and pins for connecting a soil sensor to your micro:bit or CLUE board. Let's take a look!

Along the top are the mount points. The Bonsai Buckaroo ships with screws for attaching to your micro:bit or CLUE.

On the left side is the speaker. Use it to have your plant kit beep when it wants watering, or have it sing a song when it's nice and happy.

On the right is the 3V Motor control (on/off) on pin P2. Connect to a water pump to automatically water dry plants. The 3V connector (typically the red wire) goes into the part of the controller terminal towards the top, and the ground (typically the black wire) goes to the part of the controller terminal towards the bottom (by the 3V MOTOR label). However, for our pumps, it does not really matter which way you put the wires in

In the center are the Alligator clip pads for pin P1, 3V and GND. Connect to two alligator clips and nails to measure soil resistance as shown on the next pages


We'll tell you about it later.

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