We're constantly working on the Bluefruit LE firmware to add new features, and keep up to date with what customers need and want.

To make sure you stay up to date with those changes, we've included an easy to use over the air updater on all of our nRF51 based Bluefruit LE modules.

Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect

Updating your Bluefruit LE device to the latest firmware is as easy as installing Adafruit's Bluefruit LE Connect application (Android) from the Google Play Store or Bluefruit LE Connect for iOS from the Apple App Store.

Any time a firmware update is available, the application will propose to download the latest binaries and take care of all the details of transferring them to your Bluefruit device, ans shown in the video below:

This guide was first published on Oct 09, 2015. It was last updated on Jan 08, 2016.

This page (DFU Updates) was last updated on May 01, 2015.

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