Stack Alert

If you want to stack a shield on top of the Bluefruit LE Shield, you'll want to pick up some stacking headers and use those instead of the plain header shown here!

Wanna stack? This tutorial shows how to use the plain header to connect to an Arduino. If you want to use stacking headers, don't follow these steps!

Attaching Headers

This step is for all Arduino and compatibles. Please note that we use the hardware SPI port (the 2x3 pins) for talking to the Bluefruit LE module. If that port is not available you'll have to jumper the SCK/MOSI/MISO pins to other pins and use 'software SPI'!

Begin by breaking the 36-pin male header into four pieces: one 10-pin, two 8-pin and one 6-pin. Stick the header into the Arduino sockets with the long pins down.

Also place the 2x3 female socket header into the ICSP header on the right of the board

Place the shield on top so that all the little pins stick out through the matching holes in the shield. It should match up perfectly!

Solder in all the header on the top strips

Don't forget the 6-pin socket!

Now solder in the other strip of header

Check your solder points, all look good? You can proceed to the next steps

This guide was first published on Oct 09, 2015. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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