This techique can be used for Arduino Uno, Duemilanove, Mega and any other ATmega328/168/1280/2560 based Arduinos that use a USB->Serial converter. It won't work with "USB" Arduinos such as the Leonardo/Micro/Flora since they need a direct USB connection

Start by making sure your Arduino + shield is powered, and that the Bluefruit shield switch is set to Direct

Go through the pairing procedure so that you have a COM port for the Bluefruit shield. Keep note of the COM port name (for windows, as there's two, one in and one output - confusing!)

On Macs, pick the menu labeled EZ-Link, the one starting with cu.AdafruitEZ-Link

Windows, pick the outgoing COM port, usually the lower of the two numbers


That's it!

If you open and close the Serial Monitor you should see the Arduino reset (the L pin #13 LED will blink)

Upload sketches as you normally would via the Upload button

Since opening and closing a bluetooth connection takes a few seconds, there will be an extra 10 second delay when starting the upload process. This is due to the Bluetooth wireless protocol and how the Arduino IDE opens and closes the connection a few times to reset the Arduino. Please be patient!

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