Before you start this step you should make sure your Bluefruit EZ-Link Shield is soldered with header or stacking header and is powered up.

You'll also need to make sure that your computer that you'll be pairing with has Bluetooth v2.1 or great hardware installed. Nearly every Mac computer/laptop, Windows laptop and Android tablet has this already. If not, a USB Bluetooth module such as this one is ideal. Watch out for "cheap $5" bluetooth USB modules, they are often v2.0 only, and won't work with Bluefruit due to the advanced firmware requirements.

It is not possible to pair the EZ-Link with iOS devices such as iPhones or iPads - Apple does not permit 'SSP' pairing! Check out the EZ-Key for a iOS compatible bluetooth keyboard module you may be able to use.


Open up the Bluetooth devices panel, on our computer we just clicked on the little Bluetooth icon in the task bar. You can also open the Control Panel and search for Bluetooth and then click Add Devices

Either way, you'll get to a panel like this. Make sure the EZ-Link is plugged in and you see a once-every-two-seconds slow blink on the red LED. Within 30 seconds you should also see the Adafruit EZ-Link xxxx device appear. Now you can pair to this device.

Click on it and select Next to add it

If you get asked for a pairing code, the code is 1234
That's it, you're now paired!

Next we will make sure we know the COM port to use. This is actually a little confusing because for some reason Windows creates two COM ports, but we only use one of them.

You may see the COM ports created by the Bluetooth driver, it'll look like this

To figure out which COM port to use, go back to the Bluetooth device panel and right-click on the Adafruit EZ-Link and select Properties then the Hardware panel.

You'll see that only one COM port is mentioned here, in this case its COM129. That's the port you'll use when sending data to the EZ-Link

Mac OS X

Pairing on a Mac is pretty easy. Start by turning on Bluetooth

Then go back to the BT menu and open the Preferences...

It will immediately start scanning for the device, you'll see the BT address first, then eventually it will turn into the EZ-Link name

That's it! You're now paired to it. If you are asked for a code, the code is 1234

Next you can figure out the name of the device by opening up a Terminal and typing in ls /dev/cu.* and looking for something like /dev/cu.AdafruitEZLinkxxxx-SPP

If you're using the Arduino IDE, it will show up under that name, use the cu. version not the tty. version

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