Here's some hints to help you with your sound board:

Doesn't show up as a drive on my computer

Check you have a data-capable USB cable, or try another cable just in case

On some computers, give it a minute, the first time it sees the drive it may try to read data from it and its a bit slow (we saw this on Windows 7 in particular)

Make sure the green LED near the microUSB port is lit, that tells you it has power, however the red LED should not be lit

I can't get audio to play when I trigger the pins

Is the board connected to a computer USB port? You cannot use it as a USB storage device and play audio at the same time, even if you 'eject' the drive, you can only power it from battery or a power-only USB port like a USB wall adapter.

Do you see the red LED blink or turn on at all when you trigger the pin? You should see something blink/flicker when it plays audio.

Make sure nothing is connected to the CS or UG pins!

In case there's something amiss with your audio files, try using our audio file downloads, remember they go in the base directory of the USB drive, they cannot go in a folder or in a compressed zip!

To trigger, connect a wire from a GND pin to a numbered pin

With headphones in the headphone jack (or speakers connected), plug the board into USB. You should hear a beep/tone when it detects that it is connected to a computer

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