Disk Images

If somehow your board file system gets messed up, you can use this image to reburn the original clean FAT12 filesystem on.

On windows:

  • Use win32diskimager to write the image onto the board.
  • Uncompress the Zip file and write the 2MB or 16MB file.

On mac os:

  • Download the "disk image" for the 2MB or 16MB size below and uncompress
  • Use the DiskUtiliity on my Mac to "restore" that FAT12 disk from the disk image. Caution: if you use the Disk Utility wrong, you can destroy your OS. Make sure you restore the disk image to the correct device. You may need to try 'restoring' twice
When burning an image to the Sound Board, unplug any and all external hard drives so you only have the internal computer hard drive and the Sound Board show up as disks, that will minimize the risk of accidentally destroying your external drive by formatting it


We cannot release the source code (VLSI has it under a non-open license) but here are the binaries you can flash into the 2M/16M disks

This forum thread has some information on how to program the chips https://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=173168#p855405

Schematic and Fabrication Print

Dimensions in Inches

Headphone Out version

Amplifier Version

Mini Version

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