We'll start by copying some audio files over to the Sound Board. To make it really easy, we have a pack of files ready for you. They're not terribly interesting (just spoken words) but will help you test the triggers.

Download the zip file here and uncompress it on your computer:

Now plug in the sound board into your computer, it will show up as a new USB key. No drivers are required!

Note that WAV files typically play faster than OGG files, as they are uncompressed and it takes a tiny but possibly noticeable delay in playing OGG files when the board decompresses the file. So you may want to convert files to WAV for fastest playback.
Please use a known good data+power USB cable. With battery packs one gets cheap "power only" cables that will not work to connect via USB to copy sound files.

There may already be a file on there, that's from our testing procedure. You can delete or overwrite it.

Copy over all the new files into the new disk drive

Then eject the disk properly to make sure the data was completely written

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