Power Pins

  • Vcc - this is the power pin. You can use 3.3V or 5V. Be sure to use the same power level as the logic level on your board - e.g. for a 5V microcontroller like Arduino, use 5V.
  • GND - common ground for power and logic.

I2C Logic Pins

  • SCL - this is the I2C clock pin, connect to your microcontroller I2C clock line.
  • SDA - this is the I2C data pin, connect to your microcontroller I2C data line.
  • STEMMA QT - These connectors allow you to connectors to dev boards with STEMMA QT connectors or to other things with various associated accessories.
Please note the I2C address is fixed at 0x60 and according to Microchip, you should use this at higher I2C speeds like 400KHz if other devices are on the I2C bus, to avoid some I2C bus contention (much like the datasheet, this is not documented anywhere yet).

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