So many Arduinos, so little time...
There are many different Arduino and Arduino Compatible microcontroller boards. Which one is right for your needs? This guide will help you to select a board that best fits your project requirements and/or level of expertise. Whether you are just learning the ropes or have specific project requirements in mind, the Adafruit Arduino Selection Guide can help you to make the right choice.

Your first Arduino?

If you are new to Arduinos, the "Getting Started" page will help you select the right board and get you set up with the accessories you need to get going with your new Arduino.

Looking for an upgrade?

If you are looking to step up to an Arduino with more memory, pins or horsepower, head straight to the "Bigger and Better Projects" page.

Wrapping it up!

So you have tested and debugged your project on the breadboard and are wondering how to package it nicely. Maybe even make it portable or wearable. In that case, head over to the "Big Ideas in Small Packages" page.

By the numbers

If you know exactly what you need and just want to know which boards have it, check out our handy Arduino Comparison Chart.
No Arduinos were harmed in the making of this guide.

This guide was first published on Mar 23, 2013. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

This page (Selecting an Arduino) was last updated on Mar 18, 2013.

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