Angled shot of a Adafruit METRO 328 Fully Assembled
We sure love the ATmega328 here at Adafruit, and we use them a lot for our own projects. The processor has plenty of GPIO, Analog inputs, hardware UART SPI and I2C,...
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Arduino Uno with  Ethernet
As of 9/20/2012 Adafruit is currently shipping R3 of the Arduino Uno EthernetDeep in the Swiss Alps, the top secret Arduino Super-collider has accelerated both...
Arduino Mega 2560 R3
Discontinued - you can grab Adafruit Grand Central M4 Express featuring the SAMD51...
Arduino Mega R3 Android Accessory Development Kit Board
Fast track your Android phone hardware development or just design cell-phone robots with the Arduino ADK! The Arduino ADK is a microcontroller board based on the powerful ATmega2560...
Arduino Micro with Headers
Squee! It's the cutest, tiniest little Arduino yet! The Arduino Micro packs all of the power of the Arduino Leonardo in a 1.9" x 0.7" (48mm x 18mm) size....
Top down view of a FLORA - Wearable electronic platform: Arduino-compatible connected to 4 alligator clips and a USB powerin the FLORA.
FLORA is Adafruit's fully-featured wearable electronics platform. It's a round, sewable, Arduino-compatible microcontroller designed to empower amazing wearables projects.FLORA...
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Angled shot of an assembled DC Boarduino (Arduino compatible) Kit on a white breadboard.
If you've ever struggled to use a solderless breadboard with an Arduino, you understand how frustrating it can be!This clone acts just like an Arduino, and works with the...
Angled shot of a USB Boarduino (Arduino compatible) Kit w/ATmega328 connected to a white breadboard.
Note: These use genuine FTDI chips, either we purchase them or they are manufactured to our specifications with the requirement of genuine FTDI chips 10/22/14 -
Arduino Due
Put your Arduino project on TURBO mode with the high-speed, high-power Arduino Due! The Due cranks it up to 11 with an 84 MHz ARM core processor - 512K of FLASH storage! 96K of RAM!...
Angled shot of a Adafruit MENTA - Mint Tin Arduino Compatible Kit.
Introducing the MENTA, a portable minty Arduino-compatible project that fits into a common mint tin. We took our super popular Boarduino series, and wrapped it with a prototyping area...