Windows Driver Installation

Mac and Linux do not require drivers, only Windows folks need to do this step

Before you plug in your board, you'll need to possibly install a driver!

Click below to download our Driver Installer

Download and run the installer

Run the installer! Since we bundle the SiLabs and FTDI drivers as well, you'll need to click through the license

Select which drivers you want to install, we suggest selecting all of them so you don't have to do this again!

By default, we install the Feather 32u4 , Feather M0, Flora, Gemma M0, Circuit Playground and Trinket / Pro Trinket / Gemma / USBtinyISP drivers.

You can also, optionally, install the Arduino Gemma (different than the Adafruit Gemma!), Huzzah and Metro drivers

Click Install to do the installin'

Manual Driver Installation

If windows needs the driver files (inf/cat) for some reason you can get all the drivers in a zip by clicking below:

And point windows to the Drivers folder when it asks for the driver location

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