Arduino Thermal Camera

To make your Arduino into a cool thermal camera, we can add a small display.

In this example we use an Adafruit 1.44" Color TFT. With some code changes, you can use other size displays but a color display is best of course.

Adafruit 1.44" Color TFT LCD Display with MicroSD Card breakout

This lovely little display breakout is the best way to add a small, colorful and bright display to any project. Since the display uses 4-wire SPI to communicate and has its own...

Keep your AMG8833 breakout wired as you already have it from the Wiring & Test section above, and add your TFT like this

Once everything is all wired up, load up File->Examples->Adafruit_AMG88xx->thermal_cam

Hit upload and you should have a simple thermal camera!

Last updated on Jul 10, 2018 Published on Jun 28, 2017