Where to Install your Libraries

It is important to install your libraries in the correct location. Otherwise the compiler will not be able to locate them when you try to compile and upload your sketches.

Locate your Sketchbook Folder and the Libraries Folder Inside

Your sketchbook folder is the folder where the Arduino IDE stores your sketches. This folder is automatically created by the IDE when you install it.

On Linux machines, the folder is named "Sketchbook" and it is typically located in /home/<username>

On Windows and Macintosh machines, the default name of the folder is "Arduino" and is located in your Documents folder.
This is a common source of confusion on Windows and Mac machines, your sketchbook folder is not named "sketchbook" it is named "Arduino"!
User installed libraries should go in a folder named "Libraries", located inside your sketchbook folder. This is where the IDE will look for user installed libraries.
On version 1.0.2 and later of the Arduino IDE, the "Libraries" folder is created automatically. On earlier versions of the IDE, you may need to create it when you install your first library.

Open the Preferences Dialog

Click "File->Preferences" in the IDE.

Find the Sketchbook Location

Usually a folder named "Arduino" in your Documents folder.

Once you know the location, navigate to this folder in Windows Explorer.

Create a Libraries Folder

If there is no Libraries folder there , create one.

Right click in Windows Explorer and select "New->Folder".

Rename to "Libraries"

Right click on the "New Folder" and select "Rename". Then type in "Libraries".
Last updated on May 04, 2015 Published on Feb 16, 2013