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The BNO085 offers many different reports of sensor and classification data as listed below. Multiple reports can be enabled at the same time, allowing you to compare different results or to provide additional data for your application.

Motion Vectors

These reports return calibrated X, Y, and Z axis measurements for the given sensor measurement type. 

  • Acceleration Vector / Accelerometer
    Three axes of acceleration from gravity and linear motion, in m/s2
  • Angular Velocity Vector / Gyro
    Three axes of rotational speed in radians per second
  • Magnetic Field Strength Vector / Magnetometer
    Three axes of magnetic field sensing in micro Teslas (uT)
  • Linear Acceleration Vector
    Three axes of linear acceleration data with the acceleration from gravity, in m/s^2
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Rotation Vectors

These reports are generated by the BNO085's sensor fusion firmware based on the combination of multiple three-axis motion vectors and are each optimized for different use cases

  • Absolute Orientation/  Rotation Vector - Quaternion
    Optimized for accuracy and referenced to magnetic north and gravity from accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer data. The data is presented as a four point quaternion output for accurate data manipulation
  • Geomagnetic Rotation Vector - Quaternion
    Optimized for low power by fusing the accelerometer and magnetometer only, at the cost of responsiveness and accuracy 
  • Game Rotation Vector - Quaternion
    Optimized for a smoother gaming experience, fused from the accelerometer and gyro without the magnetometer to avoid sudden jumps in the output from magnetometer based corrections 

Classification Reports

Using its sensor fusion products, the BNO085 can attempt to classify and detect different types of motion it measures. These are pretty neat and work very well when compared similar features found in other 3 or 6-axis motion sensors

  • Stability Classification
    Uses the accelerometer and gyro to classify the detected motion as "On table", "Stable", or "Motion"
  • Step Counter
    Based on the data from the step detector, the sensor tracks the number of steps taken, possibly reclassifying previous events based on the patterns detected.
  • Activity Classification
    Classifies the detected motion as one of several activity types, providing a most likely classification along with confidence levels for the most likely and other motion types.
  • Shake Detector
    Detects if the sensor has been shaken
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Other Motion Reports

The BNO085 also provides raw ADC readings as well as uncorrected measurements for the accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer.

  • Raw Accelerometer
    Unscaled direct ADC readings
  • Uncalibrated Gyroscope
    Angular velocity without bias compensation, with bias separated
  • Raw Gyroscope
    Unscaled direct ADC readings
  • Uncalibrated Magnetometer
    Magnetic field measurements without hard iron offset, offset supplied separately
  • Raw Magnetometer
    Unscaled direct ADC readings

Additional Reports

There are more (less popular) reports that we don't support at this time, a PR to the libraries is welcome for folks who can implement and test them

  • Gravity Vector
  • AR/VR stabilized Rotation Vector
  • AR/VR stabilized Game rotation vector
  • Gyro rotation Vector
  • Gyro rotation Vector Prediction
  • Significant Motion Detector
  • Stability Detection
  • Tap Detector
  • Step Detector

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