Prepping Parts

Remove any stringy bits and pieces from the parts. Use a hobby knife or flush snips. Clean out the cavities for the legs as they may have overhanging areas.

Rotary Tumbler

We recommend using two different rotary tumblers. This helps speed up the process and avoids mixing and blending the two materials.

Tumbling Medium

Use screws as the medium. Steel screws for bronzeFill parts and Brass screws for copperFill. Using different metal screws will differentiate the tones.

New Screws

You’ll want to use new screws - Old screws that are worn out will not give you as much abrasion.

To get this amazing finish, tumble each part for about 8 hours. So it’s best to do it over night.

Health & Safety 

Be sure to tumble in a well ventilated area, wear proper breathing mask and gloves for safety.

Tumbling Tips

You’ll have to tumble each part separately to avoid any damage during the tumbling process.

You can toss the part back in if the surface isn’t completed polished. Remove any artifacts and clean the parts free from any left over dust.

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