EYESPI Connector

If you have one of the newer breakouts with an EYESPI connector on the back, you can use that with an 18-pin ribbon cable to connect it either directly to an adapter board such as the EYESPI BFF for QT Py or Xiao or by using the EYESPI Breakout and wiring that to your microcontroller. See the EYESPI page for more information.

Breakout Wiring

Though it looks like a lot of connections, wiring up an eInk breakout is pretty straightforward! Below shows using hardware SPI to connect it to an Adafruit Metro M4.

  • Vin connects to the microcontroller board's 5V or 3.3V power supply pin.
  • GND connects to ground.
  • CLK connects to SPI clock. It's easiest to connect it to pin 3 of the ICSP header.
  • MOSI connects to SPI MOSI. It's easiest to connect it to pin 4 of the ICSP header.
  • MISO connects to SPI MISO. It's easiest to connect it to pin 1 of the ICSP header.
  • ECS connects to our e-Ink Chip Select pin. We'll be using Digital 9.
  • D/C connects to our e-Ink data/command select pin. We'll be using Digital 10.
  • SRCS connects to our SRAM Chip Select pin. We'll be using Digital 6.
  • RST connects to our e-Ink reset pin. We'll be using Digital 8.
  • BUSY connects to our e-Ink busy pin. We'll be using Digital 7.
  • SDCS connects to our SD Card Chip Select pin. We'll be using Digital 5.

FeatherWing Connection

FeatherWing usage is easy, simply plug your Feather board into the FeatherWing board.

Python Wiring

Wiring for the eInk friend breakout is the same as the Tri-Color breakout.

There are many Single Board Computers (SBC) so showing them all is impractical. The Raspberry Pi is the most common and it is shown below. Others are likely similar. The SPI peripheral may need to be enabled on such boards.

  • Raspberry Pi 3.3 to display VIN
  • Raspberry Pi GND to display GND
  • Raspberry Pi SCLK to display SCK
  • Raspberry Pi MOSI to display MOSI
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO CE0 to display ECS
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO 22 to display D/C
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO 27 to display RST
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO 17 to display BUSY

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