The display works, but the capacitive touch part doesnt

Check that you installed the right image, there's one for resistive and one for capacitive PiTFT's

If that doesn't help, you can verify your RasPi model number with the command cat /proc/cpuinfo, if it's revision # 0002 or 0003 that means it's a rev 1 Model B, and will not work due to the I2C pins changing.

Does this screen do multi-touch?
Nope! This capacitive touch screen is single-touch only.
Hey...I was looking at the FT6206 datasheet and it looks like it can support multitouch (two points)!
The chip does in fact support multitouch, but the screen layout itself is single-touch.
We'll keep looking for a low cost multitouch screen, but we found that at the small size of this screen, single-touch is pretty good! Also, very few linux programs support MT.
How do I automatically boot to X windows on the PiTFT?

Check out the 2.8" resistive PiTFT FAQ for an answer to this common question.

I have some more questions!
Check out the 2.8" Resistive PiTFT FAQ page for some other questions you may want answered

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